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Hi there!

This site is a place for me to showcase some of my projects, from small learning projects to some serious Machine Learning and software engineering projects. It is also home to my personal blog where I write about my journey as a developer as well as different blog posts on various aspects of life and whatever else that strikes my fancy. You can also check out all my blog posts on medium. My interests currently in the tech industry lie around data analysis, recommendation engines and a bit of native app development.

In terms of non-computer hobbies I like working out at the gym and going on runs. I also read a lot. In general I found what makes me the happiest is building stuff. So I try and optimize for that.

So, have any cool projects you’d like us to collaborate on? Like my blog posts? Want to say hi? Just drop me a message and i'll try to respond as soon as I can. You can also reach out to me on any of the social links within this site.

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